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About Paradise

Happy that you have find us!

Paradisedesignstore.com is our little window to the world, there are no distances here, the internet eliminates them, but if you do ZOOM, you will see that we are in a small studio between the mountains, almost in the middle of the wild nature of the Aragonese Pyranees. An area called Aínsa and what I like to call #ainsaparadise.

Here the ideas are born accustomed to the defiant climate heights, to the solitude of winter, to the chaos of summer, to the beautiful colors of nature that constantly mutates, to the singing birds and cicadas, to the smell of wet grass, to the rumor of the river, and a saying «when a river dreams, the water carries on»

In 2021, we accomplished 10 years since we founded PARADISE DESIGN, S.L.U., a small design and communication studio, fruit of more than ten years with acquired experience, working in distinct multinationals in the fashion world in Italy, and that has left us a baggage full of ideas, experience, but above all, illusion, strengthening our passion by the design, the product, the craftsmanship, and the creative expression.

To celebrate it this year, we inaugurated paradisedesignstore.com, a store that opens doors for you, wherever you are, without barriers, like an extension of ourselves. Here, you might find part of our DNA, represented in two owned brands such as, MOOM DIAMOND, with atemporal collections of complements and clothes and NENUKA PARADISE, handmade jewelry, noble materials, small details, modeling and sculpture art.

T shirts, sweats, bags, backpacks, caps, glasses, jewelries…Products that we design with lot of care, which we all like and we hope you like it.

And that is what HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART is about, our heart is in Aínsa, in its people, in its mountains, in its colors, and we give form here to our small paradise, if you want, you can follow us, because we will tell you about it here #BITSFROMPARADISE

Because ideas have to be given wings

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